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Here at our Career Log, you can get updates on recruitment activities and news along with what it is like to work at LG AI Research! Through our log, we will tackle all the questions you might have!
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Research Labs
LG AI Research is creating a path that no one has gone before in the world of Artificial Intelligence and accomplishing things that no one else has been able to do. Through the latest AI research, we are securing important basic technologies that can be used in the future, and their value is being recognized at global conferences. We are solving problems that will bring about a big change into our lives with the latest AI technology. From advance research such as energy and new material discovery to prediction/optimization for business decision-making, we are ready for wherever AI is needed, as well as the business areas of the LG Group. We have everything you need to let the researchers' imaginations spread their wings, so please join us on our journey!
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Culture 3.0

LG AI Research’s “Culture 3.0” stands for an organizational culture that isn’t stagnant, but continues to develop and evolve by reflecting the experiences of our researchers. Various systems are being implemented such as self-approval system for PTOs, flextime, etc. It allows our researchers to focus on nothing but their own research in the most autonomous environment and leads to outstanding results through active support.

Perks & Benefits

We are all about providing a pleasant work environment for all of our employees! We support personal growth and life so that all employees can be happy. The Perks & Benefits of LG AI Research is being upgraded every year so our employees can stay satisfied!
Autonomous Work Environment
Flextime - NO Core time!
Remote Work
Commuter shuttle service to and from the office
Self-approval for your paid time offs!
We Care About Your Health As Well
Medical expenses for you and your family
Free annual comprehensive physical examination
6 counseling sessions per year
For Personal Growth & Optimal Research Environment
Sufficient data and infrastructure
Latest work equipment (Laptop, Monitors, etc)
Expense cover for personal development activities and books
Employee referral bonus
Besides Work, Your Personal Life Is Also Important
Employee welfare points
Financial support for family events and student loans
Childcare expenses, Admission gifts
Resorts and Villas
PTO for summer holidays

Work at LG AI Research

The LG Group has a diverse business portfolio including electronics, chemistry, telecommunications, batteries, new drugs, and life sciences. However, LG AI Research is the only place in the world where you can study real-world problems while being exposed to the various problems and data of our business affiliates. You also get to experience how your results lead to actual business accomplishments. Please join us on our adventure towards all the new challenges!

Korea Offices

Yeouido LG Twin Tower Seoul
Magok LG Science Park Seoul
Magok D&O Seoul

Global Office

Ann Arbor, Michigan US

We’re hiring!

We are always searching for Research Scientists and Research Engineers to join us! If you have any inquiries, DO NOT hesitate to reach out to us! In addition to R&D positions, we are actively hiring various positions such as Software Engineer positions and staff positions! Please apply as the positions may close depending on the recruitment status and needs.
Check out all open positions and internships through the “Open Positions” link below!

Interested in an internship?

LG AI Research is also looking for Research Interns along with the full-time positions. If you send your CV along with the Lab of your preference, we will guide you regarding the internship recruitment process.
Research Internship (3-6 months)
You can participate in LG AI Research’s current researches and projects and use various data in the best research environment! You will be able to conduct joint research with the assigned mentors.
Residency / Postdoc (1-2 years)
Before making a full-fledged decision on your career, you will be able to conduct in-depth research together to create joint research outcomes.


LG AI Research is participating and sponsoring various activities and conferences in order to meet the best talents! We are always in the process of planning fun events so that our newly and existing employees can adapt well and work in a satisfying environment. If you are curious about the insider life of LG AI Research, check out our Newsroom section!
INTERSPEECH 2022 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence Voice and Signal Processing
INTERSPEECH 2022, an international academic conference in the filed of AI Voice and Signal Processing was held from September 18, 2022 to September 22, 2022 at Songdo Convensia in South Korea! LG AI Research had a STT (Speech to Text) demo using YouTube and News Video clips! The Speech-to-Text function is a technology that converts the audio of video files into text in real-time and extract keywords. Would you like to find out more about our story at INTERSPEECH 2022?
If you have any inquiries or are curious about LG AI Research, please feel free to reach out to us!
We will respond to your questions at our earliest convenience!